Our workshop

Best service and tuning by the professionals

In contrast to most of our competitors, we still rely on real manual hand-work in our ski and snowboard service!

Due to our years of experience, we consciously do without the purchase of a fully automatic machine and clearly represent the opinion that your skis and snowboards suffer from the (now common) mass processing. Our trained service staff will take the time to inspect your skis and snowboards, repair any damage as appropriate, and grind edges and base as gently as possible.

The longevity of your equipment is very important to us, and so we pay close attention to really sanding down just as much surface as is urgently needed.


If you bring your skis or board at our shop before 5:00 p.m., you will receive it back at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

Depending on the situation, we can also arrange the service on request within one hour - just ask us!

To make your material "summer-safe", an additional layer of wax is applied, which protects the lining and the edge against corrosion.

Service prices 2019/2020


  • Base and structur grinding
  • Edge grinding
  • Waxing and polishing


€ 25.-


  • Base coating touch-up and repairing
  • Base coating and structure grinding
  • Edge grinding
  • Waxing and polishing

€ 35.-


  • Waxing and Polishing



€ 5.-


  • Base and structur grinding
  • Edge grinding
  • Waxing and polishing


€ 37.-


  • Base coating touch-up and repairing
  • Base coating and structure grinding
  • Edge grinding
  • Waxing and polishing
€ 45.-


  • Waxing and Polishing



€ 7.-


Online-Reservierung bei Sport Senn

Why is regular service so important?

With blunt edges and a scratched surface skiing or snowboarding brings no fun.

How often a service is to be carried out depends above all on the snow conditions, the terrain and the personal level of performance. Larger surface and edge damage should always be rectified immediately.

For your own safety, we also recommend that you have the binding setting checked by a professional before the first step on the slope!

According to this scheme we bring your equipment back in top form!

Your equipment will be maintained as needed, so there are no bad surprises on the slopes and you can enjoy the driving pleasure with the safety to the fullest.

1. Inspection. Top, base and edges are wiped clean to remove the dirt. Then your ski/snowboard will be checked for damages.

2. Base repair. Subsequently, all notches, grooves or holes are filled with covering material.

3. Base grinding. Now the entire surface is sanded and structured. This allows to the base coating to absorb more wax. As the result: your ski/board glides better and makes the transition from edge to edge easier. As you know for sure, different temperatures and snow conditions require different structures which our technician knows exactly.

4. Edge grinding. Depending on the performance you expect from your sports equipment, the edges are "suspended" between 0 and 2 degrees. The revolutionary WINTERSTEIGER Ceramic Disc Finish with integrated fun factor guarantee ensures a precise edge.

5. Waxing. The last step in every tuning is the application of hot wax. It impregnates the covering, protects against damage and improves the gliding and turning properties of your sports equipment.

With our ski & board tuning we take care of:

Turning compliancy

For control and braking you need sharp edges. Thanks to diamond grinding and edge tuning, the edges are mirror-smooth and the ski or snowboard turns easily.


Safety also plays a crucial role in winter sports. We check your material for damage and ensure that it can be precisely controlled without much effort.


Regular service extends the life of your equipment.

Sliding capacity

In order to have optimum gliding properties in all snow conditions, we will give your base the perfect structure.


Um die Gefahr des Verkantens auszuschließen, muss ein Ski oder Snowboard möglichst ruhig laufen. Wir achten darauf, dass Ihr Material genug Wachs aufnimmt und erst dreht, wenn Sie bewusst aufkanten.

Our promise: We work hard to make sure you can enjoy your time on the slopes to the fullest. All products, whether from the sale or the rental are maintained to the best of our knowledge and belief. Of course you can also come to us with your skis that you have bought elsewhere!